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Tips for Gay College Students

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It wasn't a gay club, but there were gay guys in it.

Gay College Guy

I eventually became friends with a few of the guys because we spent so much time together at club meetings. I became especially close with one of them. He was my first boyfriend and my first love.

I became more and more eager to find a man before I met my first boyfriend. It would have been best if I had just let the situation happen instead of letting my desperation drive my actions.

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Usually, the best dating situations happen in the most unlikely of circumstances. When I stopped seeking, I found a great guy.

Just like making gay friends, it's best to get out there and explore social or academic options on campus. You and another great single guy will eventually find each other. Another lesson I learned was to take a more active role in my safety, which brings me to the next topic. Meeting someone online is a cool way to get to know them, at least initially. I would chat with guys online during study breaks and off time.

I developed an entire network of online buddies. But then I wanted to meet them face-to-face. No online dating questionnaire or number of chat hours can replace an in-person chemistry check. There were many times when I would meet up with online guys only to discover that we didn't quite connect in person.

Also, I didn't take my safety into account often enough. Unfortunately, not everyone online is on the up-and-up. Always follow these safety tips before meeting an online buddy in person. If you have a roommate or close buddy, give him your schedule and keep him up on where you're traveling around campus, especially at night. Some people choose to explore same gender sexual experiences while in college.

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A first same-sex experience can either be a wowing confirmation of your emotional attractions, not at all what you expected, or a little bit of both. There's no rush and a prize doesn't go to the quickest explorer. It's best to be selective.