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Super Deluxe is the same team behind the gay deaf webseries This Close and the episode remake of the gay drama My Beautiful Laundrette.

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Guess the cat is out of the bag about that secret reading I had last year. Fingers crossed that Hulu or a major network has the guts to portray the story of 4 older gay men.

A post shared by Stan Zimmerman zimmermanstan on Jun 12, at 9: Zimmerman said major networks refused to even look at their pilot because of ageism and a desire to only consider shows that might snag younger and more profitable viewers. Nevertheless, Super Deluxe chose to help develop the series for a cable network or streaming platform like Hulu, Amazon or Netflix. Variety says the team got their inspiration from a documentary about LGBTQ seniors coping with discrimination in nursing homes called Gen Silent.

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Ageism and homophobia are not only keeping the show from getting picked up, but from even being read by a major network. Sign up for MetroEspresso. Want to see more videos by Metrosource, check out our videos page.

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  2. Super Deluxe to Develop Gay Senior Citizen Comedy ‘Silver Foxes’ – Variety.
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A new twist on the classic Golden Girls show

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